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Pictures of and information about various wheels on Audi S4s

I started this site to help answer the frequent questions on the Audiworld forum ďdoes anyone know if wheel XYZ in size PQR fits an S4?Ē. Iím still compiling photos, please check back soon or send me and email with information on your particular wheel setup. Some chose not to have their email addresses published. You can lookup these email addresses by doing a search on Audi World.

If your picture is listed here and you want the info changed or removed please send me an email and Iíll try to take care of it as soon as possible.

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Thanks to all who participated!

66 Entries (latest added on 10/28/2001)

Michael Handís Fikse FM/5

18x8.5Ē with Race Satin centers and Polished lips. 225/40/18 Pilot Sports. Vortrag Coilovers with the fenders rolled. The wheels were $725 a wheel and he is very happy with the setup. The wheels only weigh 18 pounds.



Ben Mosesí Hamann HM2

18x8.5 wheels with Pirelli P Zero Rosso 222/40 tires. MTM/Eibach springs, $380 per wheel, $240 per tie. Ben writes ďLoved it, the whole setup rocked. Perfect for the street and occasional track useĒ




Dickinson Loís Volk TE37

18x7.5 Gun-metal Grey with Yokohama AVS Sport 235/40/18. 17 Lbs per wheel, not including tires





AvantGardeNogaroís Avantgarde SLR

18Ē 3 piece wheel, P-Zero Direzionale 235/40ZR18, ABT suspension




Chris Cís ATP Rivas

17x8Ē with Bridgestone RE730. The wheels were $240 a piece



Rob Kellyís ABT A24

18x8Ē with Bridgestone S-02 PPs. The car has H&R coilovers which causes some rubbing in hard corners.





Los Gatos S4ís HRE 545s

18x8.5Ē with ET38mm, Silver Satin Finish. Toyo T1-S 255/35R18 tires. H&R Coilovers, front fenders were rolled.




Dan Hallerís Ronal R7ís

17x8Ē ET 35 with AVS Sports 235/45 ZR 17. Cost was $1200 including SmartTire for the 5 wheels from Gary@Ronal. Tires from Discount Tire in Campbell, CA which matched Tire Rackís price. Good service. MTM/Eibach springs, slightly cur fender liner up front. Dan finds the setup grippy but noisy from 40-65 M/h.



Bruce Suttonís BBS RC

18x8.5 BBS RC's w/ 225/40/18 ZR Bridgestone Potenza RE 730's.$469 per wheel, $202 per tire, purchased from The Tire Rack. Stock Suspension




Philís BBS RC (?)

18x8.5Ē with Dunlop 9000 225/40/18. H&R Coilovers with stock brakes. Some rubbing on the right that could go away with a coilover adjustment. $469 per wheel and $210 per tire at Tirerack.




Nogaroís Volks

18x?Ē with Sumitomo HTRZ II 235/40/18s. Stock suspension and brakes. The color is gunmetal.





Saintís Kinenis K58

18x8 true 3 piece wheels of about 18 Lbs with 225/40/18 Bridgestone RE730 tires. H&R Race coilovers. Cost per wheel $750, tires $150-$250. Some front fender rubbing at extreme cornering speeds but no spacers or fender rolling needed.



Fongtayís ABT A24s

18x? with 225/35/18 tires of unknown brand. AP Lockheed 6 pot brakes. H&R Coilovers.





Loansharkís BBS RX IIís

18x8.5 BBS RXII (et 32), two piece, about 24 lbs each, ~$550 each 235/35 Michelin Pilot Sports H&R Coilovers Front fenders are rolled but not necessarily needed with this setup.  Planning on wider tires in the near future.




Ben Abramsí IWC Quicksilvers

18x8.5Ē with Pirelli Winter 210. Car has H&R suspension and Koni Shocks, lowered about 1.25". Brakes are 13.5" Coleman Rotors with Brembo "Big Yellow" Twin Turbo S Calipers. Bought from Fenders needed to be rolled, very smooth ride, no spacers for either wheel.


Benís Ronal LZs

18x8.5Ē with Pirelli PZero 235/35/18. Bought from Ronal. Rest as above.





Walter Uteagas ATP Rivas

19x8.5Ē with 235/35/19 Z Yokohama AVS sports New models





Meemís Silver Volk TE37s

18x? with 235/40R18 yokohama avs sports. The brakes and suspension are still stock, though i'm planning suspension mods for next spring. As a lot of folks have commented, the volks are incredibly light (17 pounds) because they're forged.  What a lot of folks haven't mentioned is that they're wicked strong too -- i've logged about 6000 miles on the horrible roads surrounding boston, and the wheels are looking every bit as good as when i bought them (knock on wood).



Scarfaceís AEZ Bimoís

18x8.5 with Yokohama AVS Sports 225/40/18. Cost per wheel - $311.00. Cost per tire - $245.00. Supplier - Edge Racing ( Brake work - none. Handling - Love them.  Just like stock in terms of ride quality, but much better grip thanks to AVS Sports. Just watch for curbs! NO ROLLING OR MODIFYING THE FENDERS NEEDED.. Absolutely no rubbing! Noise - A little more than stock, but I don't find them annoying in the least bit. Suspension - Stock. Weight - Approximately 25lbs



Heath Yobís Ronal LZs

Pirelli PZero Yellows 235/40 17 $215 per tire. Ronal LZs 17x8 in Silver finish $395 per wheel. Everything else is stock. The handling is much better with the new tires. They are a little louder than t he stock p6000's but not enough to be annoying.



RRís SSR Competition

17x8.5Ē with 235/40-17 Pole Position S02s. 40 Lbs for wheel + tire. $389 per tire @ Tire Rack.





Derwinís Oettinger RZ's

19" x 8.5" (35mm offset) 2-piece Oettinger RZ @ $650/ea. Tires are 235/35 x 19" Yokohama AVS Sports from The Tire Rack @ 245/ea. H&R Coilovers (lowered 1.5" Front / 1.0" Rear) $1249 + installation. Neuspeed 19mm anti-swaybar $200.



Willís ATP Rivas

18x8   $400/ea Tirerack, 225/45/18 Sumitomo HTR-Z MTM Springs-only, no rubbing whatsover.  Handling is improved over stock. Noise is good now but I've been told the tires will get noisy after a year or so.




Robís BBS Challenges

18 x 8.5 BBS Challenge Wheels with Toyo FZ4 tires, 235/40/18. Package cost $2,175 mounted & shipped. Car also has the MTM springs with Koni Shocks. Handles like a dream.  No rubbing or mods required to accomodate lower ride height.  TIres are noisier than stock however when going over 50 mph. Purchased at: Automotives, Kansas City, (913) 254-9777




18x8.5 BBS RSII, 235/35-18 Pilot Sports, MTM Stage 2, MTM Eibach/Koni suspension.




SellCellís ABT A25s

18x8.5 with 235/40 Pilot Sports and H&R Coilovers








Alfordís Oettinger RZs

19x?" Oettinger RZ Chrome with 235/35 Yoko AVS Sport. Coilovers and brakes on the way





Nickís BBS RXIIís

18 x 8.5 BBS RXII's with 225/40-18 AVS Sports. Stock suspension and stock brakes





Chrisís Simas X

18x?" Simas X , Michelin 225/40/18 Pilot Sport, 25lbs, AEZ -contact MaxTT group buy A/W pricing





Sharonís Fikse FM/10s

Satin Anodized on the  rim lip and center. 18x8.5 with a working offset of about 34mm upfront and about 38mm in the back. About 19lbs. The pics are my track setup with 245/35-18 Hoosiers;  my street set up uses the same rims, but with 255/35-18 Kumho ECSTA Supra 712 .The car has suspension and brake work. Vortrag coilovers & adjustable upper links, and Alcon 6-pot brakes (that's a 360mm  rotor!) up front (hence the need for new wheels).


Demetry's Kinesis K28

18x8Ē with /yokahama avs sports  235/40 zr 18 and H&R coilovers 





Zacharyís HRE 546s

18x8.5, they have the Satin Silver finish, with a polished lip, and they weigh around 20 pounds. I have Michelin Pilot SX MXXX3 235/35/18 tires on them. I bought the rims directly from HRE. I have the MTM Full  Suspension, I have no rubbing at all with the new rims, no fenders rolled. I  have Stoptech brakes. The car handles much better with the HRE rims, alot less body roll, much better turn-in and much more responsive.



Jonís Kinesis K58s

18x8Ē with Sumitomo HTR Z III 225/40/18, H&R coilovers (PN 29471-1), Cryogenically treated and slotted OEM rotors, CarbonTech pads




BenMís Hamann HM2s

18x8.5 with 235/40/18 Kuhmo 712 Supra Ecstas, love the setup. There's a tad bit of rubbing with the MTM springs, I might get my fenders rolled later.




RAudioís BBSs

No other info is available.





Glenn (S4 ATL)ís ATP Flashsports

18x8Ē 2 piece. Approx 26 lb. Bridgestone S-02 225/40-18. No speedometer error and tires offer some wheel protection. Tirerack, approx $320 per wheel. Total package approx. $2000. Tires are great. Very little road noise and excellent grip. Very crisp turn-in. Wheels fit well and are of high quality. A little heavy though. They are titanium grey in the center with a polished stainless lip. They look very dark in low light and almost silver in bright sunshine. Suspension, brakes stock.



Winderís Mille Miglia Spyders

17x?" with Pirelli P7000SS's but going to change them soon. They are way better that the stock tires, not as good as a  friends S02's and they got noisy with age. I have MTM suspension and 19mm rear anti-sway. Now I need brakes, StopTechs and either Toyo TS1's or maybe Falken GRBs or posibly new Bridgestone PP-S03's when they come out.


AJfalkís OZ Anteresí

This is a 2001 S4 w/ 18 X 8.5 OZ Antares painted in Bright Silver w/ clearcoat. The tires are 225/40 Michelin Pilot  Sports. Stock suspension and brakes. No rubbing. Purchased from Luke at the Tirerack.



Georgeís BBS CHs

Here are a couple of pics of my 2000 s4. bbs ch 19'' with pirelli 7000 245 35 19'' cost for wheels and tires was aprox 2800. The rear quarter view is before i put on the H + R coil overs. The side view is after the coil overs were installed. No rolling of the fenders was required as the ride height is not as low as it could be.  The height set of the h and r coilovers was partially dictated by the mtm exhaust (hangs lower than stock). Ride is def. tighter with the coil overs and the stearing is more responsive with the wider/low profile wheels. Also has an MTM cat back. Have the vortrag vented hood on order. One drawback is reduced gas milage (because of lead-footed-ness - Sander).


Jack R's Ronal RTs

17 x 7.5 Ronal RTs fitted with Bridgestone Pole Position S-02s. Stock suspension and brakes. No fit problems. The PP S-02s offer a marked handling improvement over the stock tires (P6000). The finish and overall appearance of the wheels is excellent, especially for the price (the tires cost more than the wheels). Purchased directly from Ronal. Total package, including mounting, balancing, and shipping was about $1900.


Paulís Abt A25

18x8.5 ET35 with Pirelli PZero Rosso, 235/40, $380 per wheel from Supreme Power Parts.¬  Tires from Tire Rack. Eibach Pro-Kit and Koni Sport  shocks. Just a  little wider than the stock fender in front.¬  Tires a little quieter and more compliant than stock but crisper handling and turning. No mods needed for perfect fit. Added mud flaps to front (not shown), to keep car a little cleaner and protect from rocks. 



18x?Ē with Pirelli PZero tires. No other info was given so assume stock suspension and brakes.




Zevís Oettinger RZs

18 x 8 Oettinger RZ's with Michelin Pilot Sport 225/40/18's, H&R street coilovers with about a 1 5/8 drop. Cost was approximately $3200 from



Michael Millerís BBS RK Polished Finish

17X8 19lbs. Pirelli P6000 225/45/17 $360/wheel tires were on car when new from the Tire Rack. Stock Suspension, Stock Brakes. Car is soft and smooth, not harsh like a lowered car with 18's, however, I took about 40lbs off the unsprung weight. Turning and other performance is noticably improved. This is the way the car should have come!! These are the stock size wheels so nothing was required to be done.


Michael Schafsteinís Mille Miglia

19x8.5 ET 35 - Tyres Dunlop Sp9000 235/35 ZR 19. At the front Porsche  Brake with 322mm brakedisk and four piston rotor. the car got suspension from  the german manufacturer KW-Gewindefahrwerke! It got about 80 mm lower than normal! From Germany.



Darrenís BBS LM

19x8.5 et 32 BBS LM / 235-35-19 Pirelli 7000 / KW Coilovers 7 fenders rolled




Adamís Axis SE7

19x8 in Gun Metal Gray, Toyo Proxy FZ4 225/35/19, $550 - Wheels ea. / $245 - Tire ea. Both from  manufacturer. H&R Coil Over 25" fr, 25.5" rr. Painted Stock Calipers - Rustolem Stop Sign  Red. Quiet Tires, smooth as silk on flat surfaces, remarkbly smooth in normal driving conditions. No fender rolling, 30 offset, very minor rubbing on  hard cornering only.


Esforís BBS RXII

18x8.5ET32, Michelin Pilot Sport 225/40/18, stock suspension, brakes. The wheel and tire set are about 47.5 pounds.  I am very happy with these tires, I was expecting them to be much louder on our concrete freeways, but they are suprisingly quiet. And the car rides and handles much better, the S4 should have come with 18" wheels and tires.  I will probably go with a wider tire next time (245 or 255/35).


MrTortsí BBS RK polished

17 X 8, 18 pounds?,  $359 each, stock Pirelli P6000 225/45 17 tires, with Intrax/Koni suspension, no spacers, no rubbing,  no fender rolling.




Jasonís BBS RKs

17x8 silver painted (not polished) RKs wrapped in 225/45 Sumitomo HTR Z IIs w/ stock suspension. Suspension will be in the mail soon, hopefully anyway. Wheels are $285 ea. plus tax (, and tires were $105 plus shipping (



Jeffís BBS RK IIís

18x8.5 BBS RKII 20lbs, two piece,  with 225/40-18 Yokohama AVS Sport. Suspension setup includes revalved Bilstein Sports with Neuspeed Race Springs. Ride Height is 25 ľ which did not require any body modifications. Handling is excellent with crisp turn and low noise



Mattís ABT A10s

ABT A10's 18x8 et35 forged three piece wheel, about 24lbs.??? with tire if memory serves me, Michelin Pilot Sport 225x40x18. Purchased From AMS in Costa Mesa. Running ABT coil-over, which is actually H&R, but with a ABT stamp on it go figure, I guess I just like paying extra, but I can't complain the set up works perfectly, no rubbing no noting, just awesome handling. Too bad they are discontinued or so I heard.


Dr. Leasesí BBS CHs

19x8.5 with 235/35ZR19 91W Nitto NT-555 Extremes. Intrax Winston Cup Supension - Intrax Progressive springs with Koni adjustable shocks. Plastic fender inserts were cut about 1/2Ē




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